Why your e-commerce conversation rate is dropping, and what you can do about it?

Just imagine the time when your e-commerce store was launched. You were overjoyed. There are products on the website, and people are subscribing to your website. Sales are growing as per your plan. However, then there is a sudden drop in your e-commerce conversion rate.

A survey by SmartInsights revealed that the best conversion rate in the e-commerce industry is around 2.35%, while the most popular brands have a conversation rate of approximately 5.31% up to 11.45%.

Now there can be various reasons why e-commerce conversion rate on your website is ultra-low. Let’s look at some of the causes and what you can do about it.

  • Customers find it difficult to avail your discount

A regular e-commerce store gets various types of shoppers, but the most usual type is price-conscious shoppers. A survey by Fashion United revealed that 42% of the shoppers purchase products from discount retailers. Also, 27% of shoppers prefer buying for a full-price.

So, while there is much traffic on your website, people are not buying. One good reason might be that as soon as they add the product in their cart, they look for discount coupons. So, since they couldn’t find the coupons, they leave without buying anything at all.

Here is what you can do

The easiest way to maximize your conversion rate is to display coupon codes on the front page. Either a pop-up or a banner at the top can inform customers about the latest coupons.

Track the progress of your customer and as soon as they reach the checkout page – an engagement window can display all the active coupons.

  • Dead Product Pages
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A professional e-commerce website development agency is more than high-resolution images or overly crowded pages. The modern-day shopper is willing to make a well-informed decision.

By informed, I mean going beyond adding product images from different angles. You must invest time in writing engaging product descriptions, defining how the product will benefit the customer?

Here is what you can do

Enough with the high-quality images. Sure, you can use various angles to display a product, or you can use 360-degree video to make the experience engaging and enticing.

  • You’re using an outdated Search feature

The millennials are said to make more impulsive buying than any other market segment. From searching for a product to landing on your website and waiting for the website to load; they want to get it done with. For this, search functionality is essential, and if you’re using a search feature which is not smart, you’ll lose many customers.

Shoppers, especially mobile shoppers, prefer to buy the product as soon as they see it. They will not take the time to dig deep. So, if those excited customers don’t find their desired product with search, they will leave and move on to the next website.

Here is what you can do

Improve your website search with voice and image search. Instead of writing, users now prefer describing their desired product, which is then matched with the products in the catalog.

Similarly, with image search, users will be able to search for products which they found while browsing Instagram.

  • Customers have trust issues with your brand
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With the enormous amount of e-commerce websites, it’s impossible to separate fake websites from the real ones. That’s why customers might find it difficult to trust your brand. Customers don’t entirely trust a brand that they saw on Instagram from a sponsored post.

Customers look for validation. No, they don’t need tons of security certificates. These certificates might give an impression of a safe transaction, but they do nothing to win the trust of the customer.

As mentioned earlier people become resistant while buying anything from a sponsored brand. However, customers love to buy products recommended by their friends and family they see on social media.

Here is what you can do

Adding social proof can make the customers believe in your brand. The reviews, testimonials, and ratings which are user-generated allow users to get comfortable with the brand. Use tools to display all those lovely reviews on your website.

  • You are not leveraging remarketing

At times you see a great product on social media and visit the website. You are not sure if the brand is trustworthy or not, you are also unsure if you need the product in the first place. Moreover, while thinking all of this, you leave the website. There is a high chance that you won’t visit that website again.

So, if you’re able to re-engage such customer, there is a chance that your e-commerce conversion rate will drop more.

Here is what you can do

Think of retargeting campaigns which you can use on social media to remind customers of what they have left behind. It might look that you’re stalking them, but you are just helping the customers get what they desired in the first place.

  • There is no shopping assistance
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What’s best about shopping is that you get a chance to try each product and get help from people who know their product best. When you’re lost, a jumpy salesperson can assist you in buying your desired outcome. That is what lacks in an online e-commerce store.

It’s essential to be physically present, but in an online store, shopper needs help.

Here is what you can do

Use the live chat feature and Facebook messenger for marketing your products. The two platforms can be used to engage customers and provide them with the right information. The clear-cut shopping experience will help the user in buying the product quickly.

It all comes down to understanding the need of your customer. The closer you get to the customer, the higher conversation rate you’ll get.

For example, you know which of the social media channel is likely to engage users with your brand. You can invest all your energy and time in that social media channel.

There are a lot of reasons why your e-commerce conversation is rate dropping. The above mentioned are few reasons which can help you test and improve your e-commerce conversion rate.

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