Top 5 Social Media Tools You Should Incorporate in Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Tools

Social media marketing is becoming essential incorporation in the modern business environment. It is something that all companies are currently using to market their products in a competitive business environment. However, it is not just about posting images of the products you are offering and their associated prices. You have to follow professionalism using some necessary social media tools that have been discussed below so that you can optimize your social media marketing.


This is one of the commonly used social media tools that most of the companies out there in the industry are using. It is a scheduling tool, which is very helpful in guiding you on how and when to post on your social media platforms. Buffer is unique in that it can help you to post a different social media post to a specific social channel and it can also be used to display the same content across all the social channels that you have been using.


In as much as you want to post content on your social media platform, you don’t want to post anything. You aim to make sure that you get maximum engagement from the content that you post on your social platform. With this goal in mind, you must always consider selecting the best content that can have maximum impact on your marketing activities. Quuu is one of the commonly used social media tools to help in hand-picking the content that will have maximum implications on your social media platforms.


As a social media marketer, you already know how hard it is to create new content every day and post it on social platforms. Social media monitoring can also be helpful, and an expensive undertaking, as well as to hire a content creator such that it may not be sustainable in the long term. MeetEdgar is an innovative social media tool that helps you to recycle old content on your social media posts. This tool will look for the content that created most engagements, and it will bring it back again for considerations. This will reduce the stress and cost of designing new content.

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As a social media marketer, you already know that your content should be accompanied by an attractive image to attract readers. However, if you are not a good graphic designer, you will not be able to design graphics for your content. You will be forced to outsource, which will further increase your marketing expenses. Canva is a new social media tool that helps you to create images for your blogs. It is easy to use such that a bean-counting social media marketer can use it. With this tool, you will be able to create images of different fonts, colors, and resolution for high engagement on your blog.

Social Clout

It is very fulfilling when you post content on social media platforms and get likes and shares. However, in business, you need to put that into figures so that you can be able to calculate the social media ROI. Social Clout is an essential social media tool that computes engagement in a specific social media post. It helps social media marketers to understand which social channel has high engagements and which channel is converting readers and traffic in customers. For monetization purposes, you cannot continue operating without Social Clout.

If you are looking to enhance your social media marketing, using social media tools is the only way forward. Netbase will help you to get the right social media tools that are consistent with your marketing needs. This is a company that understands what it takes to succeed in social media marketing and as such, outsourcing its services is a no brainer.

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