Rainbow Six Siege Road to Six Invitational Returns With Limited-Time Mode “The Program”

After a series of teasers and leaks, Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Road to Six Invitational event has been officially unveiled. Just like last year, Ubisoft’s plan to hype up the Six Invitational event involves a weekend-only, limited-time mode called The Program. Check out the trailer below:

The Program

Starting January 15th, Rainbow Six Siege takes players to The Stadium, a custom map first seen in recent leaks. The map itself resembles an Olympic stadium, and is located in Greece. The trailer showcases Siege’s operators participate in what appears to be a training exercise. The only information Ubisoft shared is as follows: “Harry is gathering the greatest Operators to prove their worth.”

The Region of Elis


We don’t exactly know how The Program event plays out, but the trailer suggests the usual attack versus defense formula. All the operators have flashy costumes equipped, which may mean another round of premium cosmetics.

Before the end of year four, Ubisoft promised that the next year will introduce “huge story elements”. Most of the trailer is fast-paced and features a lot action, but there are a few scenes that could add to the lore. Throughout the trailer, the operators display a lot of emotion, at times bursting into brawls with each other. Whatever the event actually is, it’s something entirely new for Rainbow Six Siege.

Road to Six Invitational
Road to Six Invitational
Road to Six Invitational
Road to Six Invitational

The event starts January 15th and ends just before the Six Invitational on February 16th. The event will only be playable on weekends, which is exactly what happened last time. More details about Rainbow Six Siege’s Road to Six Invitational event will be revealed tomorrow.

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In other Rainbow Six Siege-related news, the year 5 pass, which is yet to be officially announced, has leaked. According the leak, Ubisoft has reduced the number of new operators from eight to six. More information regarding year 5 will be revealed in the days leading up to the Six Invitational in Montreal.

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