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best software

Let us meet Romania. An East European country, member of the European Union, a great location for IT outsourcing, a large talent pool for great software development. Recently, the business community released the top-performing companies in the most performant industries, and the software development industry is one with the most accelerated growth.

With this occasion, AROBS, a company born in Transylvania, almost 22 years ago, won the award for the best software development services company in Romania.

AROBS was extremely honored by the award recently received by Voicu Oprean, CEO & Founder of the business, as the entrepreneur who made the best software development services firm with 100% Romanian ownership.

It’s an award which shows the appreciation of the business ecosystem for AROBS Transilvania Software, a firm established in 1998 in Cluj. As it started nearly 22 years ago offering IT Outsourcing activities, today AROBS has over 8000 clients in 14 countries on 4 continents, clients in the line of software development services and of our software products developed through the years.

The award was presented during the Romanian Entrepreneurship Gala, organized by and Business Review. Needless to say, we were excited about the publication of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs magazine. According to the editorial of this publication, this project began as a way of expressing the admiration for these top Romanian entrepreneurs: “So, we’ve got today examples of companies began in the 1990s or even after 2000 that are currently running companies of countless millions and have thousands of employees. (…) They could be actual models for young individuals who wish to develop their entrepreneurial ability. Only this way, our economy can flourish and become a force, at least in the region. ”

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AROBS identifies itself as European by birth, International by culture, because the Romanian business is well anchored in the software development environment of Europe and North America, having internationally renowned clients. Our team of over 900 individuals is very well prepared and can take on any challenge and incorporate innovations, technologies, on various areas of expertise, for quite difficult industries. AROBS also has market-leading products in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe, on telematics, business optimization, CRM, HR administration.

Presently, AROBS has 7 offices in Romania and seven global offices, where over 900 people work. The most important AROBS software products are TrackGPS,, OptimallSFA, TrueHR and SoftManager CRM +.

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