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Every digital marketer understands that images are very important when it comes to catching and maintaining the attention of your customers or potential clients online.

But, did you know that using images helps increase your CTR?

Using high-quality images in all of your digital marketing campaign can dramatically increase your click-through-rate because as human beings, we’re wired to seek out imagery and this well-known fact coupled with a clever digital marketing strategy will most definitely increase your CTR.

You’ve more than likely heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, well this cliché is true when it comes to digital marketing.  However, your ‘pictures’ need to be interesting, captivating and of the highest quality.

To grasp an in depth understanding how you can use images to increase your CTR it’s a great idea to complete a digital marketing course.  You’ll learn how to use images online to your brand’s advantage.

Exactly what is click through rate (CTR) 

CTR is extremely important when it comes to the success of a digital marketing strategy.  In fact, without a good CTR, your digital marketing efforts will be all for nought.

A CTR, or click through rate, is the ratio of clicks your website receives, whether organically or through paid advertising.  The determine your click through rate, your CTR is calculated by the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown.

Why your CTR is important

Once you fully understand how important your CTR is to the success of your digital marketing, it’s just as important to evaluate this metric on a regular basis.   It’s important to note that you must evaluate all of your digital marketing campaigns in order to get an accurate reflection of your CTR, as the CTR rate of a single SEO campaign means very little.  A higher CTR will also go a long way to improving your search engine results page ranking

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Tips to increase your CTR rate using images

It’s possible to increase your CTR through great visual content.  Great news, right? But it’s vital to ensure that all your images posted online make a great first impression.  Time is money, and online users have developed an extremely short attention span. You need to grab their attention immediately with an image.

Gladly, there a number of ways in which you can influence your CTR rate positively by using superior images so let’s take a closer look at how to use images to increase your CTR.

  • Use relative images – A great tip when posting images online is to pair relevant information alongside the images.  Did you know that information read alongside an impressive image is remembered for longer?
  • Be creative with images – It’s necessary to be super creative when it comes to posting images online.  When it comes to choosing and creating images don’t just do what your competitors are doing, think outside the box and create a stir.
  • Use multiple images – Don’t be afraid of using more than one image on a social media post.  Take advantage of the multiple image display options. It’s a fact that posts with more than one image receives a lot more clicks than single-image posts.
  • Use images in your email campaigns – Another very interesting fact is that emails with high-quality images are more likely to increase your conversion rate.  Marketing email campaigns without images have a much lower click through rate.
  • Choose wisely – Remember posting no image at all is much better for your brand than posting poor-quality, bland images.  Choose your images wisely and make sure they represent your brand, that they are exciting and fresh.
  • Don’t forget that videos are part of imagery – It’s not all about images.  It’s important to note that videos perform just as well as images online.  People enjoy watching entertaining, good quality videos. So be sure to add videos to your online posts and see how your CTR improves dramatically.
  • Visual appeal applies to text too – Don’t overlook the important fact that text can be visually appealing as well.  Think of ways to spruce up your text content when it comes to look and feel.

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