Error extracting files to the temporary location

When you extract the contents of a file or when an installation is in progress, the extraction of its files to a temporary location fails, then this post may help you. Some times in a situation like this, you may receive an error saying — 1152, Error extracting files to the temporary location. The extraction will fail in the end. In this post, we will suggest some solutions to figure out how to fix it.

1152: Error extracting files to the temporary location

The 1152, Error extracting files to the temporary location error usually occurs if there are some ‘bad’ temporary files from previous failed installations. Cleaning up that folder and trying again is the way to go. It means if you are extracting a file to the same folder again, and again, it could be causing the issue, or the corrupt file in the Windows temporary folder is the problem. What you can do is:

  1. Clear up extraction folder or use another location
  2. Cleanup Windows Temporary folder
  3. Check Folder Permission
  4. Clean Boot for Program installation failures.

When performing these steps, make sure you have admin privileges.

1] Cleanup Windows Temporary folder

Windows offer an inbuilt tool to clear temporary storage. You can use it to clear all bad or corrupt files which could have been preventing from extracting those files. Any installer can use Windows Temp folder so you will find a lot of files in that location. Storage Sense will clean up other folders along with a temporary folder, but you can choose at the end which one to clear.

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Go to Settings > System > Storage > Configure Storage Sense or run it now. If you were running on low storage space, then this tool will fix that too.

It is possible to delete everything in the Windows Temp folder directly, but if any of the files are locked, they will not be deleted. Storage Sense or Disk Clean up a tool or any other junk file cleaning app will make sure to override that issue.

2] Clear up extraction folder or use another location

If you are extracting a zip file into another folder and receiving the same error, its best to delete everything inside it. Sometimes if the previous installation wasn’t complete, it could result in corruption. You can also use a different location to extract files and see if it works.

If there is a slight chance that the temporary files location has a bad copy already from a previous install, then its best to re-download the program and give it a try.

1] Check Folder Permission

1152 Error extracting files

When you temporary lose permission to a folder, then you cannot extract files into this. If for some reason you have lost the permission to the folder in which you are extracting,  then it fails. So here is what you should do:

  • Right-click on the folder > Properties
  • Switch to Security Tab, and check if you are listed under the user group. Select your user name and check if you have permission to read, write, and execute.
  • Click on Edit button, and we suggest you remove all permission and then add it again. It will make sure you have the right permission at the end.

Once done, manually copy files into that folder, and delete files to check if it works.

4] Clean Boot for Program installation failures

If everything else fails, then the last way out is using Clean Boat. If there is anything apart from storage space or corrupt temporary files causing the problem, then it will be fixed here.

Clean Boot for Program installation failures

Perform a Clean Boot, and then extract or install the file. Clean Boot does not allow 3rd-party processes to start, and this can help. Make sure to hide all Microsoft services when you configure Clean Boot.

We hope one of these tips was able to resolve your Error extracting files issue, and they were easy to follow.

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