Best Adsense Alternative Revenue hits review 2019 !

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to earn money from our websites/blogs. In that, CPC, CPM, CPA etc are most famous ways. As per my view, it is quite easy to earn money with CPC rather than CPM, CPA. Coming to CPC, Google Adsense is the most famous one to earn money, but getting Adsense approval is hard today. Even though we have Adsense, we may not get enough cash! For example, If you don’t have Adsense for some of sites, Sometime if you got rejected earlier for approval And searching from a long time about how to earn money from those blogs other than Adsense, then Here the best Adsense Alternative Revenuehits. Here today I will share my experience Adsense Alternative Revenuehits review which offers various ad formats, to earn more money.

What is RevenueHits?

RevenueHits is an innovative Performance Ad Network that helps publishers to generate more revenues, using a state-of-the-art contextual & geo-targeted Ad-Serving technology. It assists publishers to monetize various online assets, including websites, add-ons, mobile sites, widgets, toolbars and many more.
RevenueHits is a pure CPA (Cost Per Action) platform. So it doesn’t matter if the ads on your site get 1 lakh clicks or 1 lakh impressions a day because it’s not CPC or CPM platform. All we get money here by only when our site readers performs an action, which means they should click the ad and install the particular software in the ad. Don’t worry, they are 100% safe, genuine software.

Who should use this Revenuehits?

  1. Those who don’t have Google Adsense or tired of other ad networks.
  2. Those who are in need of money for 100%
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Why I used RevenueHits and continued it?

  • I don’t have Adsense. So never earned via Adsense.
  •  I’m receiving per day 3.6k + page views (only organic). So with this traffic, why should I leave my blog ad slots empty, at least earning 1$ per day is better than earning nothing.
Idea! :  As minimum threshold payment of Revenuehits is 20$, I’ll keep those ads for minimum 4-6 days and when I reach 25$, I’ll withdraw it (PayPal). So 25*60= 1500 rps, so placing revenue hits for just 4+ days can renew 2 domains at Godaddy for a year.
I just shared some best ad sizes below, and I also gave you an instant RevenueHits approval link for your sites,  so keep on following this tutorial, and just try this on your sites until you reach the 20$ and later you can withdraw it!

Some important points which you should know about Revenuehits Ads:

1) Since Revenuehits has the geo-targeted Ad-Serving technology, the ads will differ from a country to country. It means readers of UK will see different ad and readers of India will see different ad even though both the readers visit the same post on our website. So this can help us in getting more cash overall.
2) Unlike Google Adsense, there are no restrictions to keep limited no of ads overall on our site! You can place as many ads as you want in Revenuehits!
3) No matter whether your blog is Blogger blog or WordPress blog! No matter what niche your site is (Except Po*n)!  No matter how much traffic you get! I’m giving you a for, so all the websites/blogs which you submit here will be approved instantly!
4) If your blog/site receives more traffic from the USA, then you have more chances to gain more amount of cash from
5) You can keep your threshold payment as you like! But the minimum limit is 20$.
6) You can add as many blogs/sites(which you own) as you want in your RevenueHits account and can earn from all of your blogs at a time by placing the ads in all of your blogs/sites.

7) You can use these keywords to increase your earnings Insurance, Settlement, Bank Loan, Charity, Donate Car, Online Business, Online Investment, Women’s Health,
Earn Money Online, iPhone 8.

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Ok, Now start the main step to earn with Revenuehits. For Sign Up, Instant Approval of your site and steps of placing RevenueHits ads see from the below link. Signup for Revenuehits and Get Extra $5 Bonus.

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