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Abode’s iota security system is already HomeKit compatible, but it’s expensive and includes a built-in camera. What if you don’t need the camera? Until now, you could go with Abode’s Smart Security Kit, but you lost HomeKit compatibility. Today the company is releasing a firmware update to add HomeKit for free.

If you’re unfamiliar with Abode (not to be confused with Adobe), the company specializes in security home systems that also control your smart home devices. The Smart Security Kit is one of the company’s more affordable options. For $179, you get a Z-Wave and ZigBee compatible gateway, motion sensor, door sensor, key fob, and now HomeKit compatibility.

You can connect your Z-Wave and ZigBee-powered devices and then add routines through HomeKit that trigger your smart home devices when your sensor detects movement. You could turn lights on, or change the temperature of your HomeKit enabled thermostat. And of course, Abode acts as a security system so you can pay for monitoring as well.

Abode says it is releasing the firmware update for the second generation of Smart Security Kits today, the first generation is still in the certification process and will see a firmware update later.

You can buy the Smart Security Kit directly from Abode for $179, with additional options for security monitoring and battery backup.

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