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The process of web development starts with logic building and ends with the final code build being handed over to the QA team for testing. Programming is something that cannot be done properly without 100% concentration. Smart programmers are equipped with the best logics, design patterns and ability to construct algorithms. Whether you are developing a web application for a client or internal organizational usage, the code should look neat, well organized and professional. 

During the development process, even the best programmers fail to keep an organized layout, similarly, extra spaces, line breaks and unnecessary code chunks are also used. These mistakes do not make an impact until the application has been deployed. After that, disorganized or unnecessarily lengthy code creates a negative impact.

No need to rectify code manually

The software terrain has advanced at the speed of light in recent years and web development is not an exception. Today, the most robust, multi-dimensional and business-specific applications can be developed using web development platforms. Secondly, if you want to improve the code appearance or reduce the size, several soft wares can be used for this purpose.

Here are some major ones



HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is one of the earliest scripting languages used to design the layout of web pages. You an insert tables, video streaming files, image place holders, tables and various other components using HTML commands. With an HTML beautifier, the programmer can afford to use all his expertise for better technical elaborations. There is no need to sit down in front of the computer and improve the code appearance. The HTML beautifier does that incredibly well.

  • Using an HTML beautifier means that a programmer does not have to improve the code appearance after completing each module. One all the programming tasks have been completed, copy the code chunk and paste it in the related text box. When the “Beautify HTML” button is clicked, the tool would work on the distorted code areas and synchronize the appearance.



There is an important point with respect to the loading time of HTML web pages. If your code is lengthy, the time required for loading would increase. It is not convenient for programmers to develop HTML applications and then spend further time to reduce code size. Even if there are empty spaces between code lines, it would contribute to the length and increase the size. The more the length of the code, the heavier it would be in terms of size. This would have a negative impact on the response time.

  • HTML programmers do not have to use the backspace button and clear out the extra spaces. Nothing or this sort has to be done. An HTML Minifier runs through the HTML code and removes all the extra spaces, unwanted statement breaks and other related components. This process is completed in a very quick way. From the perspective of a busy programmer, it is a big relief as a lot of work is reduced. He does not have to review the code and remove additional constituents to reduce size. When a programmer tries to accomplish this task manually, he can easily skip a code submission deadline. 



PHP is a programming language used for web based applications. Along with MySQL, it helps in creating some of the finest e commerce data bases. Similarly, it is used in coordination with other programming entities like Zend, Joomla and WordPress. While programming, it is not possible for programmers to keep a check on how the code looks. The code statements are not aligned, variable declaration statements have unnecessary spaces and there are various other issues.

  • It is not possible for programmers to focus on the appearance of the code while programming. They have to pay attention to the logic so that the code does not have any technical issues. It is a major problem if a PHP program does not execute properly. Hence, developers have to concentrate fully on making a program that runs.
  • A PHP beautifier is an amazing tool that improves the appearances of the code. There is no need to adjust any code statements manually. Simply copy the code and paste it in the provided text box. When you click the “beautify PHP” button, the layout of the code would undergo an end to end improvement process. All the statements would be aligned properly and the code would get a professional appearance. The best thing is that programmers do not need to spend several hours on improving the code appearance.



XML is a powerful programing language used to make complex programs. These programs are used for reporting, data sorting and various other purposes. For an XML programmer, focusing on the code and its appearance at the same time is not possible. Hence, a better option is using the XML beautifier.

  • The XML beautifier is an amazing tool for programmers to improve the layout of the code. How does it work? When you are done with the development, this tool can organize the distorted code appearance. There is a text box in which you need to paste the code. After that click the “beautify XML” button. After that, the appearance of the code would be improved. 


  • Using this tool helps in saving time


Saving time is very important for any programmer. Software development tasks have stringent timelines and XML programmers have to meet them. Other than that, the final code file should have a professional appearance without any lines, code breaks or segments being distorted. With an XML beautifier, the code appearance can be improved on a major scale. 

Summing It Up

 The tools mentioned above are used to beautify and minify the programming code. Software programmers who are busy developing programs on XML, PHP, HTML and other programming platforms do not have the time to beautify the code after getting done with the development. Hence, using these tools works well for them. In other words, they do not have to spend time on improving the code appearance.

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