Social media trends to shape 2020 Digital marketing

admin – Social media trends to shape 2020 Digital marketing

The internet continues to change with the times, and social media will inevitably change with them. There are now billions of social media users across more than a dozen platforms, so it is important for any digital marketer to keep up with these current trends.


 1 : The rise of niche platforms:

       Social media has evolved right before our eyes. It started with just emails, and then they added chat features. Eventually, they developed platforms for sharing media like photos and videos. Now, we have Facebook which is a place to share everything—photo, video, links and files.

However, the attempt at having a one-size fits all social network led to saturation, and eventually, users wanted to have specialized niches networks, like LinkedIn. These networks also developed tools like LinkedIn automation that helped navigate through their entire platform—something that is difficult to achieve in billion-strong Facebook.

More users will veer towards niche platforms, as they begin to be more specific with how they want to spend their internet time. Tiktok, a video-sharing platform, had exponential growth since 2016. Twitch became the platform of choice for the gaming community. This trend will continue as more users would want to narrow down their network to those who share the same interests.

2 :The attempt to bring about the decline of influencers:

Instagram has developed a new category of digital marketing with the emergence of the influencers. In contrast with Facebook which was meant for communication with personal connections, Instagram was already meant for the public with their “follow” function (which Facebook also eventually adapted). 

Eventually, the influencers have used their number of followers for leverage, and in a similar way to Youtube monetization, influencers banked on their popularity. With millions of followers, brands sought the endorsement of these influencers—the only thing is, the deals are between the influencers and the brands, while Instagram is left out of the equation.

This is why Instagram is reportedly deleting the “like” button. It will still show the number f followers, but with this move, they will make it difficult to track the engagement. The hope is that the brands will divert their efforts (and funds) to posting Instagram ads—which will be easier to track. 

Digital marketers should be aware of this possibility, and they may have to shift their focus from the influencers, or find a different indicator for engagement apart from the likes.

3:  The dominance of Video 

Social media is a visual platform. You will rarely catch user’s attention with messages in text form. This is why there is an emergence of memes, wherein there is, at the very least, a photo along with the message. Even quotes and short messages are now being shared in meme form. The adage that “a picture paints a thousand words” held true. 

When you use video, that’s more than just a picture, it’s a story. Creating and sharing videos has never been easier, and the general public are definitely more entertained by this medium. 

This is the reason behind the success of Tiktok. It is a platform of short videos which cater to the short attentions spans of the user. 

For the digital marketer, videos have now become an integral part of their strategy. Not only is it available in almost every social network, it is also being sought by the users. If you do not create videos, you’re basically out of the loop. 

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