5 SMS Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Business Sales


SMS Marketing Tips

Along with the revolution of mobiles in the ecosystem, smart businesses understood the value of reaching a bigger audience through SMS marketing to get more user traffic, conversions, and engagement.

Why should they not?

According to Mobile Marketing Watch, the SMS medium has an impressive open rate of more than 98% and 1% spam which is much higher than email.

However, just because SMS has a high open-rate, it doesn’t mean your user is going to buy your product. Most businesses commonly practice SMS marketing as a sales process and hurt themselves with no results and ROI. One wrong step could lead to making your consumer frustrated and quickly lose.

On the bottom line, as a business, you must play smart to yield greater results via SMS marketing. In this article, I will try to cover the five best practices in text message marketing.

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#1. Build a genuine list

Do you understand the difference between the audience and the targeted audience? If yes, I’m sure you already got what I’m going to say. If not, keep reading…

You have to build qualified subscribers who are genuinely interested in your products and services. How do you do that?

With the help of social media and offline marketing. Also, you can use shortcode service to acquire subscribers. For example: Send SMS “JOIN” to 54468 to subscribe.

You can come up with nice offers or interesting updates related to your business and ask people to subscribe to you to get the deal right to their mobile inbox.

Now, this is opt-in.

Once you got the customer onto the campaign you must also provide the option to opt-out as well. If you’re not providing, probably you are just spamming.

#2. Frequency

What’s your restaurant size? Do your offers sense?  How frequent you would have to send?

Ask these questions to yourself?

Ideal SMS frequency is 3-5 texts a month depending on the value that you offer.  As long as you provide the value to your customer they don’t mind receiving SMS from you, even 10 texts a month.

Think about it!

#3. Don’t send boring texts

Like social media, SMS is also an informal and personal medium to reach potential users. Do not always send offers or discount related texts, keep it interactive. Think of creating polls, quiz’s or creating conversations. Make the best use of SMS to deliver fun, value and memorable shopping experiences.

Check out the above picture to understand how brands like Starbucks entertain their customers with such creative texting.

If you are a business from India, you may not give the reply option to your customers directly as shown in the screenshot. However, you can use service like a shortcode to receive the customers’ responses or a missed call.

The last thing you want to do annoy your customers with spam text messages and low-value offers.

#4. Craft Short and Sweet

In general, one can send up to 1000 characters of a text message. But the problem is people show less or zero interest to read a half-page sized message. You have to make sure to send straight to point and clear message to win the audience’s hearts. Below are a few tips for that:


  •  Include the offer in the very 1st line. Do not make the reader wait until the last line to
    understand the offer.
  •  Use easy and precise language instead of buttery.
  •  Include a CTA (Call To Action) like a product URL, signup URL, mobile number to speak to executive or some other form. CTA’s like Signup For FREE, Get The Deal Now, Offer Valid Till, etc have more click rates than just ordinary ones.
  • Now, Offer Valid Till, etc have more click rates than just ordinary ones.
    Include opt-out information as well.

I’ve seen a few marketers directly copy-paste the content to the SMS dashboard from their email or a word document. I suggest you not doing that as such practice leads to adding special characters and text might not appear properly on receivers’ mobiles. Always, directly type the text in the section or copy-paste from notepad.

#5. Track the performance and be experimental

You need to strive to optimize your SMS campaigns to see that extra results and also to do better in future campaigns. Test multiple aspects of a text message by sending on different times and see what works better for you.

Keep a track of unsubscriber list for a period of time and try to understand the reason behind it by analyzing timing, content or offers.

Also, avoid sending messages on busy or peak hours like mornings, late nights. The mid-day or evening time is recommended to make a better impact.


Don’t think SMS solely a promotional strategy to increase sales. Instead, consider as Omni strategy to build last longing relationships with the customers. Your SMS should n’t be always about offers. They should be about a social cause, fun, and information as well.
SMS strategy may not work well for a few businesses as per their segment and for few, it would work like a charm.

How do you understand whether SMS marketing works for your business
or not?

Simple! Analyze your customers with the previous data available and initially try with a small number of SMS credits instead of big. Using Digimiles’ International bulk SMS service you can have everything you need to execute a perfect SMS campaign. Plus, you can reach to a broader audience from any region in the world with 1 simple click. It is easy to use and achieve the strategic results if you find the right vendor that helps you out.

SMS marketing is a continuous strategy that delights your customers with the entire value package they expect from you. Customers would feel valuable when you address them with their names, so always you can use personalizes SMS feature to make the most out of the campaigns.

A2P messaging has been a proven and effective strategy that comes at a budgeted cost. You just have to do it in the right way. There’s a better chance of improving your business sales and other goals by just following the above easy peasy tips to make the most out of the SMS marketing strategy for your organization.

Happy messaging!

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