Reddit User Points Out Google Photos Bug: iPhone Users Might Lose Access To Uncompressed Photos on The Cloud for Free


The Pixel 4, although packed with a lot of new features, had an underwhelming reception. This is perhaps because of the fact that the competition already is leaps ahead or on the same platform as the company. As if this wasn’t bad enough already, Google users do not feel so exclusive anymore. This is because, at Google’s event, people got to know that there was no longer any unlimited original photo storage for the Pixel devices.

Now, normally this would just be a subtle letdown but the flame was ignited even more harshly with the news in this article by Android Police. According to the article, a user on Reddit pointed out that iPhone users could still store their original quality photos on Google’s Photo cloud service. This is because Apple uses its new HEIC system to store image files which take up less space than jpegs. This would really be a blow to the Pixel community as they feel left out of their own ecosystem, I am sure.

The article further explains how the people over at Android Police contacted Google about the matter. Sadly, the company admitted to the issue and claimed that they are working on an update to fix this. According to the company, this is a potential bug. The article concludes the implications of this development. Either Google would be shifting to an HEIC format of photo compression. Or, Apple users will see their photos be converted to JPEGs and lose the entitlement that was Google’s free cloud storage. In any case, neither of the users would be particularly happy once Google works around a “fix”.

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