How to Multiply Numbers in Google Sheets


Whether you have two integers, a few cells, or a couple of columns that need to be multiplied together, Google Sheets provides a few different ways to find the product of your data. Here’s how. Multiply Two Integers Together There are two ways to find the product of two numbers. […]

What Does “SMH” Mean, and How Do You Use It?


tmcphotos/Shutterstock The initialism “SMH” has been around for a while, and you’ll often encounter it in chat rooms and on social media websites. But what does SMH mean? Who came up with it, and how do you use it? “Shake My Head” or “Shaking My Head” SMH is an internet […]

What Is a Finsta, and How Do You Use One?


PixieMe/Shutterstock Finstas are a big talking point for teenagers and local news channels, but what are they? Why do kids make them, and how do you use one? What Is It? Most people have only one Instagram account, but sometimes, people make an additional one. These fake Instagram accounts are […]

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