Leaked Images Provide First Look At New PlayStation 5 Controller


With the next generation of PlayStation arriving at the end of this year, the gaming community has already begun speculating. Although Sony didn’t share detailed information in its initial announcement, it didn’t take long for leaked images of the PlayStation 5 dev kit to pop up on the Internet. Weeks after we got our first look at the console, another leak has revealed what the new console’s controller supposedly looks like.

PlayStation 5 Controller

As reported by VG247, a set of pictures found on the PS5 subreddit showcase the console and its accompanying controller. The main focus of the three images is the console itself, but they also give us a glimpse of the new controller.

PS5 Controller

At first glance, the new controller seems to resemble its predecessor a lot. The controller, as well as the console seen previously, are both prototypes part of the dev kit. We know from past designs that the final product usually ends up being vastly different from the dev kit. That may be true for the console, but the controller seen in the picture seems to line up with Wired’s description of the device. In their exclusive look at the PS5, Wired says that the new controller looks an awful lot like the PS4’s DualShock 4″, and that seems pretty accurate when looking at the image above.

Sony confirmed that the new controller “doesn’t have a name yet”, but it’s unlikely that the long-standing DualShock name will be dropped anytime soon.

As for its features, the controller has several new quirks including adaptive triggers, more potent haptic feedback, and a USB Type-C connector. Due its larger battery, the controller is also bulkier than the DualShock 4.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 launches in Holiday 2020. The new console will be a vast improvement over its predecessors, offering features such as backwards compatibility, powerful specs, and many more.

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