Leaked Apex Legends Season 3 Gameplay Trailer: Crypto, New Map, Charge Rifle


With the second season of Apex Legends coming to a close, fans are eagerly anticipating an announcement regarding season three. Fortunately for us, an apparent mishap by EA Korea has given us a detailed look at the upcoming update. For the second time in the game’s history, Apex Legends developers appear to have leaked the new season launch trailer by themselves. The mistake was quickly corrected, but not before speedy Redditors captured the video, check it out here.


Apex Legends season 3 is called “Meltdown”, and it seems to be the biggest update yet. As seen in the short trailer, the upcoming season not only introduces a new map, but also brings several new additions and changes to the game.


First and foremost, Crypto the hacker and his recon drown are joining the squad. Although details about his abilities are yet to be revealed, we can decipher a small amount from the gameplay video.


Our first look at Crypto’s drone ability shows him activating the contraption and scouting the nearby area via an aerial view. As apparent by the ultimate icon shown at the bottom of the screen, the drone is also used to deploy Crypto’s ultimate ability.

Drone View
Drone View

There’s definitely more to the character, but we’ll have to wait for the official announcement to learn more.

New Dawn

The Apex Legends is receiving its first new map in season 3. Named “New Dawn”, the new map is extremely different when compared to King’s Canyon. The map features large snowy landscapes, construction sites, and even a moving train that can be interacted with. Environmental hazards such as molten lava pits and steam geysers can also be seen dotted around the map.

Charge Rifle

The highly anticipated Charge Rifle weapon is finally coming to Apex Legends. This unique new weapon comes equipped with a scope and fires powerful lasers. It’s unclear whether the Charge Rifle is an air-drop weapon, or one that can be looted randomly.

Charge Rifle
Charge Rifle

As the trailer only gave us a glimpse of the new content, expect a lot more from Apex Legends Season 3 when it is officially revealed.

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