How to Disable the Apple Watch’s Always-On Display


Justin Duino

Early Apple Wach models lacked one significant feature: an always-on display. That changed with the Series 5, which includes a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) display. The option shouldn’t affect the Apple Watch’s battery life, but here’s how to turn it off.

Disable It from the Apple Watch

Start by pressing the Apple Watch’s digital crown.

Apple Watch Click Digital Crown

Locate and tap on the “Settings” app. The icon looks like a gear.

Apple Watch Tap Settings

Scroll down and then select “Display & Brightness.”

Apple Watch Tap Display & Brightness

Tap on the “Always On” option.

Apple Watch Tap Always On

Tap on the toggle next to “Always On” to turn the feature off.

Apple Watch Toggle Off Always On

Alternatively, you can leave the always-on display enabled and toggle on “Hide Sensitive Complications.” This setting won’t turn off the Apple Watch’s display, but it will keep any private information from showing when the screen isn’t completely awake.

Disable It from the Watch App on iPhone

You can also disable the Apple Watch’s always-on display through the “Watch” app on your iPhone. To do this, open the “Watch” app from your homescreen. To locate it, use Apple’s Spotlight search to find the app.

Apple iPhone Select Watch App

Scroll down and then select “Display & Brightness.”

Apple iPhone Watch App Tap Display & Brightness

Tap on “Always On.”

Apple iPhone Watch App Tap Always On

Select the toggle next to “Always On” to disable the Apple Watch’s always-on display.

Apple iPhone Watch App Toggle Off Always On

Again, you can toggle on the “Hide Sensitive Complications” option if you want the Apple Watch not to display private information when the screen isn’t fully awake.

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