How to Add Google Keep Notes to Google Docs


Google lets you add notes, lists, and images from Google Keep directly into your Google Docs and Slides. Use existing notes or create a new one and add it on the fly without ever leaving your file. Here’s how.

For this guide, we’ll be using Google Docs, but this method works identically on Slides as well.

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Fire up your browser and head to Google Docs. Open a new or existing document and then click the Google Keep icon located in the pane to the right side of the page.

Open a document and click the Keep icon on the right side of the page.

From the pane that opens, hover over the note you want to add to your document. Click the three-dot button and then select “Add to Document.”

Click More on an existing note, and then click "Add to document."

The content of the Keep note gets inserted into your document wherever the text cursor was located.

The note gets added directly to the document where the text cursor was.

If you don’t have any notes in Keep, click either “Take a Note” or the list icon to create a note or list, respectively.

Create a new note with either of the two icons at the top.

After you finish, click “Done.”

After you've finished adding to the note, click "Done."

Click the three-dot button and then select “Add to Document” just like before to add the note to your file.

Just like before, click More, and then click "Add to document."

You can also drag and drop any note in the right panel directly into your document to add it to a specific spot in your file.

Alternatively, drag and drop the note from the pane directly into your document.

If your note contains images, they will also be added to your file.

If your note contains any images, they are automatically added as well.

That’s all there is to it. Adding your Google Keep notes to your Docs and Sheet files has never been easier.

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