Google Pays Homage to Oktoberfest With a Custom Pretzel-Faced Doodle


Google has been keen when it comes to making the platform “fun”. It all started from Google’s Doodles which showcased an important event, paying homage to it, of course. There have been important ones like for the anniversary of the First Moon Landing, American Independence Day and even Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.

Google makes a special bond with its users by pushing these little things on the Google Search page. These Google Doodles are personalised to the area as well. Muslim countries may see Google Doodles of their holy festivals or months too. A similar approach is the one Google has taken for Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest, a celebration that started almost 200 years ago, is a German festival. The festival is quite famous for the beer consumed and the whole rustic vibe it brings along with it. In order to commemorate the occasion (the event is from 21st September to October 6th), Google has introduced its new doodle. According to a piece on 9to5Google, the company has partnered with a local bakery in the area to make this doodle. The doodle features a traditional rustic style involving Pretzels and butter.

Google really pays homage to the years old tradition with their latest doodle. The company made the doodle via a video, signifying the importance of the event and how widely it is celebrated. As it is displayed below, the logo has all the letters made with mouth watering Pretzels while an “O” in the middle is a small piece of butter. They manage to go a step forward by adding the doodle to the Google Search Bar on Android devices. This can be seen on Pixel phones for now. While it does not mark any significance with the company’s business, Google seemingly continues to work toward user satisfaction, increasing its popularity in the process.

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