Escape from Tarkov Update Brings New Guns For Players Along With More Weapon Mods


Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore survival shooter game with realistic elements. The game is still in heavy development, with the devs adding more content as they inch towards a full release.

A new content update was dropped recently, giving players new guns and equipments. This also included some major bug fixes.

You can read the complete change log below. 

List of changes:

  • Now in weapon preset mode, after purchasing the necessary mods, player will be returned to the preset screen

  • Added the ability to disable icons in the hideout (i key)

  • New sounds for SKS, DVL shots

  • Redesigned Kiver-M helmet model

  • Increased rate of fire of P226


  • New weapons: DT MDR 7.62×51, VPO 215, SR-25, ORSIS T-5000, MP-9, MP-9N

  • New types of rifle rounds: 7.62x54r, 7.62×51

  • New weapons mods

  • New clothes for USEC and BEAR (including Abibas tracksuit)



  • For single-use medicines, the “Use” item was not displayed in the context menu

  • The inability to go to the weapon presets menu through the handbook

  • The inability to go to the weapon presets menu through the trade screen and flea market

  • A bug in which after building the zone in the hideout for a second appeared a screen with the conditions for the next level of this zone

  • Bug with the display of hideout zone icons after switching from another screen

  • A bug in which, when changing weapons, an optics lens appeared in the air

  • A bug in which the player could move the hideout camera while on the weapon presets screen

  • A bug on the Reserve in which an outdoor sound was played while in bunker

  • A bug in which the flashlight on the weapon illuminated the background of the weapon presets menu

  • A bug when abruptly leaving the hideout after clicking on the “Build” button made it impossible to build this improvement in the future

  • The display of the ping value out of the raid has been removed

  • Display of fuel cells in the generator window

  • Display of raindrops on weapons indoors

  • Setting the frame rate limit in the game no longer affects the frame rate in the main menu

  • Location of the Jaeger’s cache at the exit from the highway at the Interchange

  • Display requirements in the zone window after construction/improvement of the zone

  • Shoreline exfil access availability display

  • Various bugs leading to error 228

  • A bug in which items thrown away in the raid could move on the ground

  • Various localization fixes

  • Offline game impossibility fixes

  • Improved grenades sync

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