Borderlands 3 Announces “Bloody Harvest” Halloween Event


Just a week afters its launch, Borderlands 3 has already announced its first post-launch event. As revealed in the first episode of the Borderlands Show, the game’s very first Halloween event kicks off next month. Aptly named “Bloody Harvest”, the update is the first of many as Gearbox has massive […]

New cold boot attack allows to steal encryption keys


A new Cold Boot Attack version lets attackers steal valuable data IT experts discovered a new variant of the Cold Boot Attack that can let steal passwords, sensitive information, and even encryption keys from the computer. This type of method is considered to work on almost every modern machine you can […]

Encouraged by WannaCry success, impostors are quick to develop its copies


WannaCry is a serious crypto-malware, which hit the Internet community on Friday, 12 May 2017. Initially, it has been referred to as the Wana Decrypt0r due to the internal name provided on the lock screen. However, security experts soon found out that it has more variant, including Wana Decrypt0r, WannaCryptor, WannaCrypt, Wcry or WNCRY, and it […]

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