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Bitdefender is one of the most popular security providers in today’s digital era. The company has been providing different types of security software for all types of customers to suit their demands. Starting from home users to big enterprises, Bitdefender has got all types of security tools in its bucket. Today, we will be reviewing the upgraded Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 for Windows users.

This software is a highly sought after security tool that lets you protect your PC system against malicious files and Internet threats. It protects against all security threats and keeps your system clean and free from viruses.

Bitdefender has recently upgraded its existing security software to the new 2020 editions. The 2020 edition brings a number of unique security features to the system. Let’s collect some more information about the upgraded software now!

Key Features: 

Easy to Install and Use

The software comes with an easy-to-install functionality where a user can install it just like any other Windows software. Just click the Setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to start using it on a respective Windows PC system.

Upon launching the software, you will be presented with a nice homepage where you would see all the useful options at the left sidebar with Dashboard, Protection, Privacy and Utilities.

The main Dashboard will show you quick actions that you can use to scan your system quickly, custom scan as well. You can also use the VPN service from the same page.

Faster Performance 

The software comes with a built-in scanner that works faster and scans the entire PC system and the available files. It doesn’t ask for any special system configurations. Just launch the software and start using the different features and tools as per your needs.

Advanced Protection Features

With the list of advanced protection features, you can take full control of the system. Ultimately, these tools are there to offer much faster performance. You can make use of Antivirus, Vulnerability, Firewall, Antispam, Online Threat Prevention, Advanced Threat Defense, Safe Files, Ransomware protection.

An advanced Ransomware Protection feature keeps your Windows system protected from any Ransomware attacks and threats. You can make use of the Safe Files to protect the folders on your system. The selected folders will be there with new security.

Keeps web threats away 

With the advanced security and latest technologies, the software blocks all types of viruses and threats before entering into your system through the web or through any other external devices. It blocks all the threats that are designed for the Windows systems.

Built-in VPN 

The software includes a reliable and faster VPN service that lets you explore the web anonymously without letting others know about your current location or your system’s IP address. You can use public Wi-Fi worry-free and can also unblock geo-restricted websites at ease.

Make secure online transactions

Most of us use Internet banking and other web platforms to transfer money or for buying things online. This tool provides an extra layer of security against banking data theft such as the user’s bank account, passwords, phone numbers etc.

The updated edition brings a host of new features to make your system more secure and protected from harmful threats and attacks. Let’s check them out now!

What’s new in the 2020 version ?  

All the basic security features such as Quick Scanning, Real-time data protection, anti-phishing, anti-fraud, anti-spam etc., are included in the latest edition.

Along with the existing security features, the upgraded edition brought the below listed new features to the software.


Anti-tracker software blocks websites that track down your browsing behaviors. Most websites track your web activities and collect data that can be used for many purposes. To keep such unauthorized activities away, the Anti-tracker tool is included with the antivirus. It comes as an extension that lets you see a list of the data that a website is collecting from your browser. You can block down such websites or give limited permissions as per your wishes.

Microphone Monitor 

The Microphone Monitor helps you to take full control over the apps who have access to the Microphone of your system. Once you click on to this tool, it will show you the list of the apps with access to the Microphone Monitor. The same tool shows you which app has used the microphone and at what time.

Safe Online Banking 

This existing feature has been updated with new security. This feature secures your browser when you make use of your personal banking details such as your bank account number, a mobile number associated with your bank account, debit or credit card details etc. All the autofill data stored in your browser will also be protected from attacks.

Improved Parental Control

Extra safety for your children is important to prevent them from accessing sketchy websites or other harmful media that can invite malicious files into your system. You can have full control over your children’s web activities with the improved parental control feature which is also included in this software.

Wi-Fi Security Advisor 

This security feature provides a secure connection to your Wi-Fi connection. No matter what router you are using or on which device you connect, the security layer will be deployed and your connection will be secured.

Advanced Threat Defense 

This advanced threat defense security feature keeps an eye on the apps and other web activities of the users. If the tool detects anything suspicious on the system or on the web, then it takes quick action to protect the system by adding an extra security layer.


The pricing model for this security tool is unique. You can select your prefered subscription level with its 1 year, 2 years and 3 years plans for 1, 3, 5 and 10 devices. You can get to know more about the different subscription plans from the official website.


Bitdefender is a trusted name in the industry and this updated Internet Security 2020 software provides additional security to your banking data, while bringing in a powerful parental control system and a built-in VPN. All the security tools and advanced features are there to offer you the best, secured internet browsing. Give it a try now with its 30 days free trial edition!

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