How to Create Templates in Google Docs


If you find yourself creating the same outline of a document over and over again, you can save yourself an immense amount of time with a template. Here’s how to create custom-made templates in Google Docs. Although Google Docs does offer a wide range of templates to choose from for […]

How to Avoid the Dreaded Red Wine Headache – LifeSavvy


Natalia Van Doninck/Shutterstock For many people, a glass of vino is simultaneously a delightful treat and the bane of their existence. If you’re familiar with the all-too-common “red-wine headache,” here’s what causes it, and how you can prevent it. What Causes Red Wine Headaches? Although some wine headaches are just […]

7 Delicious Hot Drinks for Dark Cold Months – LifeSavvy


B-D-S Piotr Marcinski/Shutterstock Grab your blanket and comfy socks, put on a binge-worthy show, and make yourself one of these hot, yummy drinks. They’ll make you feel just as warm and fuzzy on the inside as you do on the outside! Many people (especially those up North) aren’t too fond […]

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